Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Summer Fun!!!

Becky and I had a beautiful long weekend!
Becky lives in the desert southwest so we're pretty used to it being hot, but this is ridiculous! We've had temperatures as high as 108 degrees.  But it's a DRY heat :)  Being in a wheelchair makes it more challenging to tolerate the heat for Becky. She can't really adjust her posture or position in her chair on her own. Thank goodness her chair tilts back so she can get some relief from sitting in the same position hours at a time. Can you imagine? What if you had to sit in a chair and never wiggle around, never adjust your legs, arch your back or even adjust how much weight you are putting on your behind?

On Friday, Becky was surprised and excited to have her sister, Corey, and her niece and nephew come from Santa Fe to visit with us. Of course in Becky's world, Friday has been Bowling Day. She meets several of her friends and they train for the Special Olympics bowling tournament. But this time, she had more competition from Miles and Maggie! It was their first time bowling. Grandma did her best to teach them the basics of how to bowl...including the "granny-style" of rolling the ball down the alley.  Maggie was far more interested in the ball return machine but Miles even got a couple of spares! Bowling was followed by going out to eat as a family and were very happy that Becky's roommate and her caregiver joined us as well. We love gathering around a table of food with lots of talking, laughing and the fun of wrangling children. Our family times are our favorite times. Back at the apartment, the kids put on a little performance of singing and dancing, trying their best to get lots of applause from their mom, grandma and auntie. 
Two-year-old Maggie is big enough now to climb up on the wheelchair and snuggle her auntie. Becky hugged her and kissed the top of Maggie's head...she was so happy! Miles is 6 and a half and likes to sit on Becky's lap as she drives the wheelchair. He tries to sneak in a little drive time himself too. Becky was in her hospital-type bed when everyone came to hang out with her. No problem, that just made for more adventures as the kids climbed into the bed and they all took turns going on "rides" moving the back and feet up and down. Corey and the children went back to Santa Fe late that afternoon. It sure did leave a large quiet space behind.

On Sunday, Becky and I had a nice indoor picnic since it was way too hot to be outdoors. The menu included fried chicken and wine coolers. Becky enjoys an adult drink once in a while and is only able to have them when I visit due to company policies of her caregiver staff. That keeps her safe and she doesn't mind since she views having a special drink as one of our special rituals between mother-daughter. So after lunch and a wine cooler, Becky was chillin' as she reclined in her chair. We had such a relaxed visit.  I can hardly wait for our next visit in August!