Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relief for Becky, Thank Goodness!

Happily, we found a way to give Becky relief from her very painful wrist. She is getting more and more exicted about her upcoming trip to New York City every day.  Today we heard from the wonderful people at Hammer Travel as they updated us on the plans while she is in the Big Apple.
I can't talk about all the details yet, but I can assure you, it's going to be a very exciting, very rewarding experience for Miss Becky.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Stumble Along the Road

Becky has been having lots of pain in her right wrist.  After going to the orthopedist, we've discovered her scaphoid bone (one of the wrist bones) is displace and causing lots of discomfort. She is such a courageous, patient lady. Becky only complains about the pain in her wrist when it's really bad at the end of the day. Unfortunately, Tylenol isn't relieving the pain and she is unable to take anything stronger or even ibuprofen due to increased liver enzymes in the past.
One of Becky's heroes...Dean Palma, OTR...made her a wrist brace to help relieve some of her pain. Her doctor recommended some pain patches, but Medicaid will not pay for the medicine. Thanks alot, New Mexico budget cuts! 
The orthopedist recommended surgery to fuse her wrist so we have been playing the waiting game with all the different players involved in getting it scheduled.  "No, I haven't gotten a scheduled date yet...I need the referral first." "Yes, our office faxed their office the referral already". "No, we still haven't gotten the referral" "Yes, I'm sure we already faxed it." "Okay, we'll go ahead & make an appointment for the pre-surgery consultation but if we don't have the referral before the consultation, it will be cancelled"  "I just know we have faxed the referral!" 
Luckily, another one of Becky's heroes, her nurse Sarah is going to physically go watch the fax being sent for the surgery referral.  Her surgery will be done in Albuquerque at the UNM hospital...probably some time soon after she gets back from trip to New York City.
Becky was SO worried she would not be able to go to NYC, she is extremely happy to find out the trip is still on! (Her mom was worried too).
Happily, it is all working out.  And here we are in the middle of August....time for Becky to get her monthly visit from her mom!!!!!!  I'll get there on Friday & leave on Monday.  Get ready to party Becky! We have lots to do to get ready for the trip!