Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Becky and Robbie's Night Out

Becky called me last to tell me all about her evening with her long-time boyfriend, Robbie.  They went to karaoke at the ARC.  They talked with their friends who were there and had a fantastic time catching up on all the chisme (gossip). 

Then they got busy dancing to the music. Becky loves to dance in her electric wheelchair, using her joystick to move side to side and twirl around.  But her favorite way to dance is to hold onto Robbie's hands as they sway to the slow, romantic songs.  Sometimes he will lean down to let her put her head on his shoulder as they dance.

I keep encouraging her to sing at karaoke, but she would rather dance. Becky has a sweet singing voice that makes everyone smile.  But, actually, she makes people smile no matter what she's up to!

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