Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Today Show

When Becky was a little girl, she LOVED watching the Today Show.  While we were busy getting ready for school or work, Becky would watch the news.  She was a big fan of Katie Couric and Willard Scott. When Al Roker replaced Willard, she would talk about missing Willard, but eventually Al won her heart as well.  Becky's favorite part was watching the weather.

Becky watched intently as they discussed whether it would be rainy, sunny or if there would be any storm warnings that day.  Then as we went out the door to start our day, she would give me the weather update:  "Looks like:  sunny, warm" or "Looks like: rainy".

She would often tell me how she wanted to go to New York City so she could be with all the people standing outside in that weather, waiting to talk with Katie or Willard/Al.  She wanted to see the tall buildings, see how television shows were made, go shopping.

These days, Becky still enjoys watching the Today Show and has become just as attached to Meredith, Matt & Natalie.  I can just picture her in her chair, holding a sign saying hello to her friends at Angel Care, braving a cold, crisp morning with a huge grin on her face! Maybe she could even meet an actor or two!

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