Monday, March 28, 2011

What is Becky's Dream?

This blog is dedicated to helping my daughter, Becky, fulfill her dream of going to New York City for her first real vacation.  I will be posting information about what she is planning, how she is hoping to pay for the trip and of course, what adventures she has while in NYC.

Becky was born with Cerebral Palsy and Arthrogryposis.  As a result, she cannot move her legs and has full function of only one arm/hand.  Becky uses an electric wheelchair for her mobility.  This makes her have challenges and obstacles when she wants to do things other people take for granted.

Becky has always wanted to go to NYC to do the typical shopping, sight-seeing and Broadway experience that most young people want to have.  She especially wants to go to 30 Rockefeller to watch the Today Show.  More about that later!

Fortunately, we have located a company that specializes in providing personal care, transportation, and serve as assistants as they help her through every step of her dream vacation to NYC!   Of course, this is a very expensive service.  So I am actively working very hard to help Becky raise money for her trip.

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